Watkins Glen Race Photos
From 1973 through 1981 I attended a number of races at the historic Watkins Glen Race Course in the beautiful Fingers Lakes region of New York State. I was lucky enough to attend a couple of Formula One races when they were still being run at the Glen and saw races featuring legendary drivers...Mario Andretti, Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittpaldi, James Hunt, Al Unser, Jody Scheckter, Clay Regazzoni, and others. I was also present for a couple of the Can Am series races and SCCA F5000 races. I shot many rolls of film at these races at the Glen and what follows on these pages are some of those images of a bygone racing era. 
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I attended the 2011 F1 Grand Prix of Canada in Montreal, Quebec, so check out the photos I have added of the current world class drivers and their cars, at the new Canadian Grand Prix link at the top of the page.

Americo Teixeira Jr., a Brazilian Motorsport Journalist and editor of Diario Motorsport has again used some of my photos on his Diario Motorsport F1 page, at the following link. Thanks again to Americo, the juxtaposition of the two eras is a stroke of genius.

The F1 in 1975 and 2011 through the lens of the same photographer, the American Peter Corrigan

Americo Teixeira Jr., a Brazilian Motorsport Journalist and editor of the Website Diario Motorsport requested the use of some of my photos of the 1975 U.S. Grand Prix for an article and I consented. His informative article is at this link, my thanks to Americo.

Historic F1 Gallery: Peter Corrigan reveals the GP of USA, 1975

I'm proud to announce that 31 photos I took of races at Watkins Glen Race Course from 1973 to 1981 were on display at The Saratoga Automobile Museum in the Seth Rosner Gallery from November 2009 through May 2010 as part of their racing in New York Series.

My deepest thanks to Brendan Salls, Museum Art Director who encouraged me when I approached him out of the blue in June 2009 with some of my photos of racing at the Glen.




















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